2021 NZ Memorial Climb Postponement

Hi all,

We hope you’re keeping safe & well during these stressful times with the COVID-19 outbreak that is currently occurring in the Auckland & Wellington regions.

Like everyone we have been following the developments of the last week, and a confident that the event cannot go ahead in its entirety on September 11th (As in the full 343, plus onlookers)

With 2021 being the 20th Commemoration of 9/11 it is important that we not only remember the FDNYs 343, but also our 66. We have been working closely with the FDNY with links and footage to play on the 11th.

What we have planned is to hold this event in two parts, the first is we will livestream this event like last year with a direct link from New York so you can watch from Home or your Station depending on your alert level. The second part is everyone attends at a later date in Level 1at Sky City to carry the tallies and climb past the photos.

Depending on the Alert level we maybe able to have a very limited amount of firefighters attend on the 11th, this we will not know until after the next announcement on the 31st.

As mentioned we invite you to join a live broadcast and reading of NZ & US names on the 11th September 2021 which can be turned in live via Facebook & YouTube in memory of those that have fallen in the line of duty. (link here, will include in the email)

We have had no option but to reschedule the 2021 New Zealand Firefighters Memorial Climb until Auckland is back at Alert Level 1 where we are able to have all registered attendees safely participate in the Memorial climb.
The two dates we have proposed are going through formal channels, the dates are one month apart with the second being a backup incase we are still not in Level 1 by then.

Please note that this is NOT a cancellation of the event and simply is a postponement of the climb until Auckland has scaled back to COVID-19 Alert Level 1 where the event can be safely held.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and please note that this decision has not come lightly. Thank you on behalf of our entire team here at FireUp – stay safe and we’ll keep you updated with further information on relation to a new date for the climb aspect of this year’s memorial event.

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