Firefighters are constantly referred to, and officially voted, as “the most trusted profession” in New Zealand. A title we often share with firefighters from many nations around the world. There is a public awareness about a firefighters role in the community, and the selfless acts that are often portrayed heavily in the media.

Firefighters as individuals, crew’s, and brigades always seem to strive towards enhancing their own abilities, and the service they provide to their communities. In recognition of these (often physical) accomplishments and fundraising efforts, it became apparent that some structure would benefit these endeavors.

As the founders of Fire Up, we sat down and discussed how we could compliment and promote these activities, enhancing media appeal, structure the charity relationships and promote the core values of firefighters, such as preparedness and selflessness.

What evolved was a series of events based around the core tasks of firefighting, that involve a serious physical effort, requiring training with dedication and resolve. These feats are however nothing to the community without some form of return. As a result we are proud to involve ourselves with many charities in many different areas. The Leukemia Society is proudly the recipient charity of our flagship event, The Annual Firefighter’s Sky Tower Challenge.

Throughout the years, our members and supporters have been indirectly involved with charities such as the National Burn Centre, The Child Cancer Foundation, and The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation to name a few. Events and promotions such as The Firefighters 24 Hour Ladder Climb, and the NZ Firefighter’s Calendar have seen involvement from the members and management in various capacities.

The existence of Fire Up is to solely raise funds for a nominated charity, whilst promoting awareness of that organization to the community, through firefighter based physical activities and competitions.

If you would like any further information that is not covered in the pages of this website, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.